Anna Makarova Biography

Anna Makarova was born in Leningrad ( USSR) in 1973.
Anna started to play harp and painting in early childhood . At the moment she is professional famous musicion and Artist.... The themes, the themes of the canvas, their mood were born under the impression of the creativity of the great composers - Bach, Scriabin, Mahler, Strauss. Works of great writers - Bulgakov, Chekhov, Pushkin, Marquez; Pictures of great artists - Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo! Paints, images, emotional states of work are inspired by travels to Japan, Maldives, India,USA, Tibet ... These are expressive landscapes, philosophical and surreal fantasies - dreams, thoughts on canvas, expressing the artist's feelings, philosophical reflections on life and creativity. Personal exhibitions of Anna Makarova were held in St. Petersburg 2015,2016;in Moscow in the State of Bachrushin Museum 2017, in Berlin ( 2017).The works of Anna Makarova are kept in private collections and museums around the world.( England, Holland, France, USA,Russia...)

Artist's Statement

Anna Makarova is musician and artist