Angelo Mazzoleni Biography

Angelo Mazzoleni was born in Florence on 7th June 1952, he lives and works in Bergamo and is an interesting and original painter with a consolidated renown. With an autodidact education, he attended some courses at the Carrara Academy in Bergamo and started with his artistic activity when he was young, under the guide of some masters. He has painted for more than 27 years. His education is marked by a varied and very personal research of the world origins and its vital force through three main moments: - the study of the infancy and the primitive history, through the nominal representation of man’s primordial forces and energy (historical origins); - the research of the archetypes of existence and life, both through the scompositions in plans of the reality and through material compositions, the more ovoidal or different structures whose main themes are: symbology bound with paths of light, temples and labyrinths.

  • Recently, the artist is developping an interesting research of “syncretic” type. From that it was born the foundation, with some other artists from Bergamo, of a new group-movement “syncretic art”, still in phase of developpement, while in the same way the artist is continuing to experiment some new and innovating expressive forms. In general, all his educational course is tended to an historical and spiritual synthesis between past and present, to represent and penetrate the sources of life, the mysterious and ancestral dimensions of human soul and of the world.

The teacher has exhibited in major Italian cities in the USA, Canada, the Biennale art in Turkey and other large institutional spaces and museums in Italy.

Artist's Statement

Angelo Mazzoleni he exhibited in major Italian cities, in the USA, Canada, in some large institutional spaces and museums with several Italian television criticism and reviews national and international. The artist is present in representation for the area of Milan, ARTITALIA.-Centro Milanofiori. They wrote him: S. Of Carlo- Fed. Crit. D art Rome, L.. Lazzari (critic and journalist), A De Santis, D. Merino, L.. Lorenzi (critical), G. Barachetti, L. Lepri (-journalist of art and critical) - Perugia, C. Cutrufo (art historian), G. Latronico (art critic), G. Bonomo (art critic), G. Sillato (art historian) -Verona, A Dipre, L. Mountain '(federaz. critical Spain art for the exhibition of art presentation of the group syncretistic) University "La Sapienza" Roma, University of Chicago ..... . Publications: The echo of Bergamo The province (Lecco) Bergamo today Art boè (Palermo) Artecultura (Milan). The small Trieste Magazine Arte- Mondadori-Milano University "La Sapienza" Roma Catalog alemandi-torino Catalog Mondadori-Milano TV reports: TG 2 NATIONAL Channel Italy ski, a canvases, Tg3-Liguria, Telenord, TG 2 National exhibitions in large estates -Palazzo Loggia dei Mercanti-Genova. Reviews on "The Republic, The Century, The Merchant of Genoa