Angeles Agrela Biography

Ã?beda, Spain 1966

Established Spanish artist. She actually lives and Works in Granada, Spain. In the works of the Andalusian artist Angeles Agrela, it is common to find superhero figures. Her interest in superheroes arose some years ago, while Angeles was exploring a group of people that lived on the edges of the society's primary stream. She then completed a series of theatrical photos of a wrestler and later approached photographically bodybuilding. "What interests me are the activities that require such discipline and voluntary, elected dedication, and that they bring you to roads not commonly understood in society", explains Angeles, "I saw me identifying in a certain way".

Selected Exhibitions:


2005: Power. Aural Gallery. Alicante, Spain.

2005: Gloria. Sandunga Gallery. Granada, Spain.

2005: The heroes. Magda Bellotti Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2004: The elegida. Ad Hoc. Gallery. Vigo, Spain.

2003: Actions (less conversation more action). In Sala alta in the Condes de Gabia Palace. County council. Granda, Spain.

2002: Sudor y Lagrimas. Magda Bellotti Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2002: No pain, no gain. Caja San Fernando. Cadiz, Spain.

2002: No pain, no gain. Internacional Room of Photography from Rivillagigedo Palace. Gijon, Spain.

2001: Salto al vacio. Emergent zone. Andalusian Center of Contemporary Art. Sevilla, Spain.

2001: Missing in combat, part one. Cruce, Madrid, Spain.

2000: Missing. Antonio de Barnola Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.

2000: Camouflage. Minimo Espacio Gallery. Murcia, Spain.

2000: Camoflage. Espai d'Art A Lambert. Javea, Alicante, Spain.

1999: Carmen de la Calle Gallery. Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, Spain.

1998: Exhibitions Room of Council of Jaen Exhibitions. Jaen, Spain.

1997: Te sentiras bien. Rekalde Room, Area2. Bilbao, Spain.

1997: Entretejidos. Sandunga Gallery. Granada, Spain.

1997: Entretejidos. Magda Bellotti Gallery. Algeciras, Spain.