Andres Gusó Biography

_Andrés Gusó Born in Barcelona in May 1.954. Since 1986 lives in Madrid where he has his studio and has exhibited his work many times since he decided to entirely leave and work from his artwork back in 2004.

Although he studied History of Art he dedicated major part of his professional life to marketing and advertising, but without curbing his painting dedication ever. Now at his maturity he has obtained quite a success in his most recent exhibitions. This unexpected success has encouraged him enough to embark himself into the art life professionally.

He started painting landscapes of the Mediterranean coast. That sea light was fully exploiting in his initial oil paintings. Once observing the chromatic combination of deep blue water, light blue sky, the mild yellow sand and plain white houses He decided to investigate the pure abstraction and left the usage of shapes. Just colour. That’s what Guso is involved today: abstract landscapes in which one can catch a glimpse of large skies, wide fields, deep seas, etc. Shape is not obvious but perceived… Colour is absolutely clear.

Last individual exhibitions: 2007 Abril Sala Obra Cultural Caja Castilla La Mancha Cuenca Spain 2007 Abril ArtExpo New York Galeria Gaudi New York USA 2007 Marzo Hotel Eurostar Gran Madrid Madrid Spain 2007 Enero. Hotel Eurostar. Toledo Spain 2006 November. Galería Nietzsche. Madrid 2006 April. Galería Castellana 179 Madrid 2005 May. Galería Recuadro. Madrid 2004 July. Café Libertad. Madrid

Permanent artworks in: Galería Recuadro. c/Claudio Coello, 13.Madrid Galería Popularts. c/Escorial, 150. Barcelona