Alfredo Martins Biography

Porto, Portugal, 1939 -

Established Portuguese painter and illustrator, Alfredo Martins is best known for his works in the FIGURATIVE style.

Additionally, he has worked for over 30 years, as the Professor of Graphic Arts at the Soares dos Reis School of Decorative Arts, Porto.

His illustrations have been featured on the covers of books by authors, such as, Arthur Miller, Nikos Kazantzaki, Pierre Dommergues, Graham Greene, H. G. Wells, Urbano Tavares Rodrigues and Mario Claudio.

A selected list of his EXHIBITIONS is as follows:

1990 - Dr. Santos Rocha Municipal Museum, Figueira da Foz, Portugal

1996 - Galeria Municipal, Amadora, Portugal - Casa Municipal de Cultura, Coimbra, Portugal - Esteta Gallery, Porto

1998 - Fitares Municipal Gallery, Sintra, Portugal - Auditorium, Gondomar, Portugal

2001 - Galeria Inter-Atrium, Porto, Portugal

2002 - Artur Bual Municipal Gallery, Amadora, Portugal

This artist has also received the most prestigious Portuguese AWARD in Illustration and represented his country in various art biennials.