Alfonso Cerdán Biography

Madrid (Spain), 1932

Established Spanish artist Alfonso Cerdan paints in the Pop style. He received his degree from the School of Fine Arts in Madrid, where he studied drawing, painting and served as a teaching assistant.

At the beginning of his career he worked as an illustrator collaborating with some of the great cartoonists of the time.

Under the influence of these artists, he began producing works in the Pop Art style, a style which has marked his entire artistic production. His works utilize visual cliches and mass-media images, exuding a sense of youthfulness and wit.

He teaches classes of color and composition at the Escuela de Artes Plasticas "El Alfar" in Madrid.

Selected Exhibitions

  • Sala Chamartin. Madrid, Spain.
  • Galeria Alfonso. Madrid, Spain.
  • Salon del Prado. Madrid, Spain.
  • Galeria Aljava. Jaen, Spain.
  • Super Market Dell? Arte. Milan, Italy.
  • Detursa. Madrid, Spain
  • Rox Texeira. Madrid, Spain.
  • Recoletos 24. Madrid, Spain.
  • Paz Feliz. Madrid, Spain.
  • Jorge Albero (now Alcolea). Madrid, Spain.
  • Balboa 13. Madrid, Spain.
  • Hans y Gerta Lortz. Dusseldorf, Germany.
  • Kiyonaga. Tokyo, Japan.
  • Gordana. Paris, France.

Awards and Honors

  • Cruz Roja Española.
  • Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid.
  • Campaign against world hunger.
  • Feria de Muestras de Valencia.
  • Fashion Show for Spanish Fur.
  • Confederacion de Cajas de Ahorro.
  • Campaign for Chocolate.
  • District of Salamanca Fair.
  • Special award from the First Centenary of the Circle of Fine arts of Madrid.