Alexander Seliverstov Biography

Saratov, Russia, 1966

Emerging Russian artist Alexander Seliverstov works in various styles that are very different from one another: realism, surrealism and impressionism.

He masters several mediums, including both painting and sculpture, as well as the art of jewellery making. Seliverstov has lived in Alicante, Spain, since 2002. He studied at the Art School of Saratov and at the Jewellery School of Crasnoe, both in Russia.

His lines give the sensation of depth and strength, and he has a way of using color that takes away the harshness of some of his work.

The total independence of his paintings with respect to elements that exist and can be seen make everything a product of his imagination, always full of unanswered questions.

He has had various exhibitions in Russia, and his latest exhibition in Spain was held in 2005, in the Sala Polivalente del Ayuntamiento de Alicante.