Abraham Benzadón Biography


The A.Benzadón artwork in different styles, techniques, paintings, sculptures, conceptual work, cutting edge and contemporary, reflects the pursuit of harmonic spaces, clean, consistent and equitable, that fill the lightness of being content, in a metaphysical quest that transcends to the spiritual; All works reflect the human values ​​of great thinkers throughout history, some of the titles speak for itself, "Project Life", "The Baby", Openness to prayer "," harmonies of space "...

The language that convey their work transcends the formal part of the work or physical, so that it is important for the concept, content and feel inside the work, so that the multitude of materials, techniques and styles help you discover new findings and concerns, allowing the expression of language. Because of this diversity of his works with the magic of color and nobility of different materials, does not prevent the manifestation of a unique personal language, which is perceived in all works alike.

Its versatility allows you to be open to all kinds of proposals, from architectural design to interior spaces, to designs for large companies like: Loewe, Loui Vuitton, Hermes ... can adapt his sculptures at different scales is for an apartment, villa , garden or square .. taking intoaccount,. tells us his words: "It is important that as artists we never lose the beauty of reality that transcends any work of art and ephemera that can beautify any activity."

The title of the exhibition, "The Secret of Art", reveals some of the tools that uses art, to make us understand what we did not explain.

Abraham Benzadón, graduated from the University of Information Sciences, in the advertising industry, has taken courses in industrial design schools in the early pioneers of the industry and various seminars on Culture and Business Management. His work has been exhibited in museums state, private collections and galleries of international art.