Zao Woo Ki Artwork Details


Detailed Description

Edition: 89/125
Reference: Heede & Mostrop (Catalogue Raisonee) 124 , page 78
Size: 320 x 235 mms ( Image size)
Published by : l”oeuvre Gravee, Zurich, Switzerland
Printed by: E and J Desjoubert, Paris, France

Note: The works of this artist are an exceptional mix of the Great Chinese tradition interlaced with the Occidental tradition. Aspects of each can be seen in it. To the western mind these works can be seen as abstract in construction; however if looked at carefully many aspects of figuration appear in terms of traditional Chinese calligraphc scripts. The colour, form and style are particular to this great and respected artist. The works of the 1950’s are prfoundly different from the more recent oeuvre of this artist and they are held in much greater esteem also. The later works are looser and much more and abstract in format whereas the earlier works, such as ours, certainly have aspects of figuration or calligraphy inside them. The use of colour is often almost similar to cave paintings. If it is figurative then it may be that still it is calligraphic inasmuch as ancient Chinese scripts also had an element of pictorial representation in them. Heede & Mostrop give this as an edition of 95.


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