Xano Armenter Biography

An established Catalan painter and printmaker, Xano ARMENTER lives and works between Barcelona and New York.

A well-exhibited artist, a SELECTED list of his EXHIBITIONS is as follows:

2001- Barcelona: Gallery Rose Selavy.

1998- Madrid: Circulo de Bellas Artes.- Barcelona: Galeria Trama.

1997- Los Angeles: 1551 Gallery.

1993- Miami: Commenoz Gallery.

1992- Barcelona: Sala Pares.

1991- Olot: Francesc Cullel.- Barcelona: Sala Vincon.

1990- Tokio: Nagashira Gallery.

1989- Mallorca, Spain: Galeria Bisart.

1988- Lille, France: L'Hipodrome, Cultural Center.

1987- Barcelona: Galeria Rene Metras.

1986- New York: Limbo Gallery.

Additionally, his art has also been shown at the following ART FAIRS:

1994- Madrid: ARCO (Contemporary Art Fair)

1990- New York: The Armory.- Chicago: Art Fair.- Tokyo: Art Expo.