Verónica Heusch Biography

Barcelona, Spain, 1968

With a long musical tradition in the family, she studied piano at the Escuela Superior de Musica in Barcelona. Where she received classes from Enriqueta Ribo, the former head of the school. She later showed her interest in painting and began a course in fine arts and expressionism, by the painter Monserrat Barta.

In 1994, she lived in Denmark for a year where she combined the composition of some musical pieces with an artistic photography course.

In 1995 she returned to Barcelona and records a 12 piece compilation of her own work orchestrated in Estudio 84, called "Amaneceres".

Fascinated by the strength that emerges from the combination of image and music, Heusch decided to study Music creation and sound technology in the Pompeu Fabra University, and music theory and harmony with Gabriel Brncic. In Barcelona she has also been part of technical crews when shooting several movies, creating soundtracks, writing scripts and even directing some of them.

She currently works as a freelance photogapher for some advertising agencies, combining her work with occasional artistic photography workshops.


Presents her first work as an experimental photographer in "MICROKOSMOS ART" in Sala Josep Vidal, in Barcelona.


Masters in Art Therapy at ISPA, Barcelona.


Works as a professor of Cinematographic Direction, History of Cinema and Script in Micro Obert, Barcelona.


Collaborates in the poetry magazine Grupo Alga.


Collaborator in FICMA, the International Festival of Enviromental Cinema, as a member of the jury in the short film section on its 7th edition.


Director of Cinema and Script at the CENTRO DE ESTUDIOS CINEMATOGRAFICOS DE BARCELONA, where she collaborates in the music creation for different short and long films in 35mm and 16mm.

Meanwhile she directs and writes documentaries: "Homenaje al escrito y editor Mario Lacruz y Memem to Homo", fiction documentary based on the work of Novalis "Himnos a la noche".

Director, producer and writer of the short film "Que haces" starring Simon Andreu and Oscar Diaz.

Writer of "Sombras en la pared", 16mm short film directed by Carlos Martin.

Artistic director and composer of "Unas Cortas Vacaciones" a short film selected in the Children's Film Festival in Chicago, U.S. and the Cinema Festival in Dresden, Germany.