Venncia Landolfi Biography

Bridgeport, USA, 1964

An emerging American artist, Venncia Landolfi works in an abstract style. Her paintings are characterized by rich color, texture and movement. She uses collage, paint and ink, combining various mediums and techniques, to create unique pieces with a strong emotional impact.

Her work is an expression of the unconscious, as much personal as collective. It is a result of a cathartic process in which Landolfi searches for an understanding of the human condition. At times they are autobiographical works, while at others her paintings reveal influences of a much larger scope and scale.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2007 -

2005 - Artery Exhibition, Ben Shaun Gallery, Wayne, USA

1997 - Art For Arts Sake, The Artist?s Space, Sugarloaf, USA

1999 - Women?s Show

1995 - Emerging Artists, William Paterson University, Wayne, USA - New Jersey Printing Council Group Show, Sommerville, USA

1993 - Inside Out, Camden Cultural Center, Haddon, USA

1992 - La Femme, William Carlos Williams Center, Rutherford, USA - Paterson Artists, Paterson Museum, Paterson, USA

1991 - Choice, A.I.R. Gallery, New York, USA - Where?s The Goddess ?, Washington Street Gallery, Paterson, USA - Borders and Boundaries, Washington Street Gallery, Paterson, USA - Visual A.I.D.S, Museum For Contemporary Arts, Baltimore, USA

1990 - Earth Works, Washington Street Gallery, Paterson, USA - Women?s Spirit, Washington Street Gallery, Paterson, USA - The Opening, Stepping Stone Theater, Wilmington, USA

1989 - Member?s Show, Washington Street Gallery, Paterson, USA - U.A.C., Paterson Museum, Paterson, USA - Summer Show, Passaic Community College, Paterson, USA - Artery-Interiors Gallery, Ramsey, USA

1988 - Blow Out, 5 Colt Street Gallery, Paterson, USA - Temporary Exhibition, Dramatis Persona, New York, USA - Untitled, Sonia Rose, Ridgewood, USA - All Women?s Exhibition, Paterson Museum, Paterson, USA

Selected Collections - The Baltimore Hospice, Baltimore, USA - William Paterson University, Wayne, USA