Van Anh Biography

Hanoi, Vietnam 1960

Vietnamese established painter of the figurative style.

The landscapes of his homeland, be them rural or urban, are predominantly found as a theme in his paintings, denote impressionism in the treatment of light, color, and even the brushstrokes, short and sketch-like.

He graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Hanoi, and is a member of the Artistic Association in Vietnam and the Association of Art and Literature in Hanoi.


1984 - 85 - Exposicion Colectiva, Ho Chi Min, Vietnam.

1990 - Artistas Vietnamitas. Hanoi, Vietnam.

1998 - Jovenes Artsitas. Hanoi, Vietnam.

2000 - Exposicion Individual. Hanoi, Vietnam. - Jovenes Artistas. Paris, Francia. - Jovenes Artistas. Londres, Ingleterra y Alemania. - Jovenes Artistas. Dinamarca y Suiza.

2001 - Exposicion Individual. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

2002 - 2003 - Varias Exposiciones en Dinamarca, Estados Unidos y Singapur.