Trinh Pham Biography

1970 - Born in Binh Dinh, Vietnam 1997 - Graduated from Hue College of Fine Arts Presently - Member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association Member of Hue Literature and Art Association


2001 - “Contemporary Vietnamese Art” in USA Philip Morris Group of Company ASEAN Art Awards, Hanoi 2002 - “Vietnam Army Art”, Da Nang “Vietnamese Art” in Hannover, Germany 2004 - Individual Exhibition in Hue Festival Group exhibition in Quy Nhon city, Ho Chi Minh City 2000 - Exhibition in Hue Festival 2002 - Exhibition in Hue Festival 2004 - Exhibition in Hue Festival 2006 - Exhibition in Hue Festival 2008 - now – Exhibition in Song Thu Gallery 2017 - Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2017, themed “Hue Art & Ao Dai”

Artist's Statement

The artist has been awarded numerous prizes from both the the Hanoi and Vietnam Fine Arts Associations. His works have been shown in the sophisticated and exquisite "ao dai" designs by talented and skillful designers in the Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2017, including Festival of Ao dai themed "Hue Art and Ao dai" on April 30th at Trường Tiền bridge. Speaking to Pham Trinh, he is a painter of childhood, since it was his life in his bucolic countryside. After years of hard work, he could now share with viewers his memorable moments in childhood, such as playing flute, flying skites, singing and dancing, etc. Those activities could help him be a more active man, feel his own inner soul and feel totally relaxed since he wants to get rid of the hustle and bustle of cities. And his choice of painting is the only way he could show his talent and sophisticated techniques that he wants to distinguish himself from other artists in Vietnam.