Sylvie Heyart Biography

Paris, France 1961 ?

An established French artist, Sylvie Heyart works with mixed media, often combining print and painting. She has a unique pictorial language, thanks to her original technique and themes related to time and memory.

The black traces that seem to creep into the margins of her composition highlight the areas of colored wax, while in certain sections of the canvas Heyart uses rice paper to give her pieces nuanced textures and tones.

Selected Individual Exhibitions

2007 -

2004 - Corps d'attente, a Saint-Ouen l'Aumone, Val d'Oise, France

2003 - A quatre mains, avec le ceramiste Alain Fichot, Anost, Bourgogne, France

2002 - Galerie Martine Namy-Caulier, Paris, France

1998 - Institut Goethe, Paris, France

1997 - Hotel de ville de Champi, France

Selected Group Exhibitions

2005 - Le Trait Dialogue, New York, USA - Art Paris, Galerie Martine Namy-Caulier, Paris, France

2004 - St'Art, Galerie Martine Namy-Caulier, Strasbourg, France

2003 - Mois de l'Estampe, le Trait, Paris, France - Estampa, Galerie Martine Namy-Caulier, Madrid, Spain

2002 - Art expo, Galerie Martine Namy-Caulier, New York, USA

2001 - Le Trait, Black Church Print Studio, Dublin, Ireland - De l'Unique aux multiples, centre d'Art Contemporain, Clamart, France

2000 - Fiac Edition, galerie Martine Namy-Caulier, Paris, France

1999 - Viaduc des Arts, galerie Michele Broutta, Paris, France

1998 - Web bar Galerie, le Mois de l'Estampe, Paris, France - Art Multiple, Galerie Martine Namy-Caulier, Dusseldorf

1997 - Centre d'art Passerelle, Brest

1996 - Ap' ARTe, 30 artistes, Paris, France - C.R.A.C. Champigny

1995 - Graphik Messe, Galerie Lutz Fiebig, Dresden

1994 - Triennale Internationale de la gravure, Cracovie