Sofiya Kysil Biography

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. P.Picasso

Once to us come a man and have seen my picture on a wall. He tell me — "Hey! i want the same! Do u can make for me a copy? only the same! it will look great in my room!" But im a child and cant make a copy. For this is copy maschine. So picture still stay long time at my home... but comes a time!

Im Dzvinka-Sofiya Kysil, 5 years old girl, who want to lern pait. We decide with mom to sell some my pictures, to get a money for my school... and to be happy!-))

I was born in Ukraine, and now live in Germany. I love my Gradpa Viktor the most. He is Kossak and dont have one leg. He still live in Ukrane.. And i love my mam...., when she is lovely and let me eat ice and dont let pain a walls-)). and i like dinos and horses and dogs.