Sergio Kopteff Biography

I was born in Moscow. Under led sky of winter, under the hot summer sun. Together with the fresh breath of spring. And with the golden beauty of autumn. A full-time artist, I live from the income what painting brings me. Someone says: The artist must be hungry! - I disagree) But this is so exciting! All my life I worked as someone who is not an artist, and I was always drawn to painting. I certainly have a diploma, membership in an art organization - but does this make me an artist? Painting is what makes me human. I'm always hungry, but it's a hunger of desire to see the beauty of things and people around. This is real magic. This is the desire to live and continue to create. Buying my paintings, you do not just support me as a person, you give the opportunity to be born a new look at the world, new way, new day. Thank you and welcome!