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My largest work to date. It will be shipped rolled in a tube. This is my Guernica, my Vegetarian Manifesto. It took me 47 years to become an herbivore. I figure I've eaten enough animals in my lifetime and am going to cut them some slack the rest of the way. In the back of my mind it never felt right. These poor, defenseless creatures don't stand a chance against us clever, cunning humans. I'm going through my mid-life crisis (perhaps Trump inspired) and finally coming to the realization that humans are the most intrusive, controlling thing upon this wonderful Earth. We breed creatures for our consumption. Where's the love? Where's the compassion? The animals we don't eat we displace, domesticate and manipulate to our liking. What other living thing wants us around? We might have a symbiotic relationship with flowers and plants (they sometimes rely on us for water) but other than that, I can't think of anything that Homo sapiens doesn't just flat out abuse. Maybe if we were kinder to animals, we'd be nicer to each other.

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