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Title: The sacred love of Gala (s.7432) L’amour sacre de Gala Medium : Original handcoloured Drypoint Etching , with stencil, 1974, on watermarked BFK Rives paper, signed by the artist in pencil, with Transworld Art blind stamp on the bottom right and copywrite notice verso Note: This was Issued in a portfolio entitled “After 50 years of Surrealism”. It consisted of 12 drypoint etchings: A: Expulse comme un megot par les agots Flung out like a fag end by the big whigs. B: Le dos devine de Gala The divine back of Gala C: Picasso: un billet pour la gloire Picasso: a ticket to glory D: Le lauriers du bonheur The laurels of happiness E: Le maladiction vainceu The curse conquered F: Le Grand Inquisiteur chase le serviteur The Grand Inquisiter expels the savior G: Freud a tete d’escargot Freud with snail head H: Un entre fracassant aux USA A shattering entrace to the USA I: Dieu, le temps, l’espace et le Pape God, time, space and the Pope J: L’amour sacre de Galas The sacred love of Gala K: Le chateau de Gala Gala’s castle L: Le musee de Genie et du caprice The museum of genius and whim This portfolio serves as a documentation of important moments and events in the artist’s life, and can furthermore be seen as homage to Andre Bretón’s Surrealist Manifesto, written 50 years earlier in 1924.  Bretón’s manifesto proposed a radical and systematic revision of received values, and a revaluation of the unconscious as a source of all artistic inspiration.  In 1924, Dali had already dedicated his attention to Italian artists Giorgio De Chirico and Carlo Carra’s Metaphysical School, which rejected Futurism and Cubism and proposed a return to the world of dreams and inner life.  Thus, embracement of Bretón’s manifesto was a natural extension of ideas that Dali had already begun to explore.  The 12 hand-colored etchings that compose “After 50 Years of Surrealism” display personal events in Dali’s own life, and at the same time acknowledge his reverence for the ideals made popular by Bretón, and are appropriately illustrated in the surrealist style that Dali’s work so famously exemplifies. Dali’s wife, Gala, figures prominantly in many of these works Published by: Transworld Art, New York Size: Paper : 760 x 560 mms, Image size 583 x 390 mms Edition: F118/195 There was a total number of 460 proofs made of each image as follows A1 - A195 - on Arches paper A1 - AXXXV on Arches paper, plus 1 suite on Japanese paper F1 - F195 On Rives (From which our example comes) F1 - FXXXV on Rives, plus 1 suite on Japanese paper Reference: This work is found in both Catalogue Raisonnes of Dali’s prints: Michler-Lopsinger - Dali Etchings no 674 - Albert Field “The Official Catalogue of the Graphic works of Salvador Dali: no 74-8 J (Page 94) Retail: -00

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