Salvador Dalí Artwork Details


Detailed Description

The stamped press description reads: “Salvador Dali arriva in Francia a bordo della United States. Dali e stato salutato da amici e colleghi a bordo della nave United States. C’era il compositore e poeta Ethiopico Reginald Simones Ed il fidele amico E agente di Dali, Capitan Moore. Nella Foto : Roger Orlande e Salvador Dali? La Pettrice Italiana Adriana Rossi, L’inseparabile amica de Dali? Isabella e in suo ocelot”. It seems that Dali arrived in America on board the Liner “Francia” where he was greeted by many friends and colleagues such as the poet and composer, Reginald Etiopia Simones and his fiend and faithful agent Captain John Peter Moore. The phot shows Moore holding a pet Ocelot watched by Dali with the port holes of the ship behind them. This is a surrelastic scene which would have appealed to Dali. This is obviously part of a series of photographs and the note does not describe the scene exactly. Another photograph we have shows the same stamp but other parties portrayed. Note: The image shows Salvador Dali and his companion/secretary, Captain Moore.

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