Rufino De Mingo Biography

Rufino de Mingo Escariche, Spain, 1953-

Established Spanish artist, Rufino de Mingo is an EXPRESSIONIST painter, sculptor and printmaker, who often emphasizes a range of social themes in his work.

His is one of the founders of the Abanico Group and a collaborator in the NGO, Artists Without Frontiers, based in Madrid, Spain.

His work has been shown in the following Exhibitions (A SELECTED LIST):

1982 - Indian Museum, San Juan, Puerto Rico

1985 - Spanish Institute, Cairo, Egypt

1991 - Galeria Jorge Ontiveros, Madrid - Art and History Museum, San Juan, Puerto Rico - Galeria Tate-Tare, Madrid

1992 - Galeria Fontenebro Ortiz, Madrid - Galeria Dada, Granada, Spain

1999 - Sala Miralles, MEAC, Madrid - Museo Municipal de Cienfuegos, Cuba - Galeria Jorge Ontiveros, Madrid - Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid

2000 - Galeria Pi y Margall, Madrid - Contemporary Art Museum, Quilmes, Argentina

2001 - Galeria El Candil, Santander, Spain - Belmonte Palace, Cuenca, Spain

2002 - Lineart Art Fair, Gante, Belgium - Estampa Art Fair, Madrid - Taller F. Bernal, Madrid

His work can also be seen at the following PUBLIC and PRIVATE COLLECTIONS and MUSEUMS - Spanish Museum of Contemporary Art, Madrid - Campiñas Museum, Brazil - Rio Piedras University, Puerto Rico - Okinawa Museum, Japon - Lima Art Museum, Peru - Modern Art Center, Quilmes, Argentina - National Library Collection, Madrid - Mapfre Collection, España