Rosa Torres Biography

Valencia, Spain, 1948 ?

An established Spanish painter and printmaker from Valencia, Rosa Torres uses bold LANDSCAPES as her preferred subject.

Her work has evolved over the years, abandoning anecdotal elements in favour of broad, gestural brushstrokes and planes of strong colour. Her ABSTRACT style and GEOMETRIC compositions succeed in conveying a rich sense of place. She has exhibited widely and worked as a studio painter with the prestigious Spanish artist group, ?Equipo Cronica?.

In additions to various exhibitions, SELECTED MUSEUMS AND COLLECTIONS holding her work include: - Institut Valencia d'Art Modern IVAM. Valencia. - Fundacion Antonio Perez. Cuenca. - Museo de Arte Moderno. Madrid. - Museo de Arte Moderno. Bilbao. - Museo de Arte Contemporaneo. Villafames (Castello). - Fundacion Pedralva 2000. Valencia. - Ayuntamiento de Valencia. - IBM Collection, Paris. - Chase Manhattan Bank Collection, USA. - Coleccion Caja de Ahorros de Valencia. Valencia. - Coleccion Comunidad de Madrid. - Coleccion Diputacion de Valencia. - Diputacion Provincial de Cuenca. - Coleccion Jose Sainz de Vicuña (Warner Bros.). Madrid. - Coleccion Jose Serrano Suñer. Madrid - Coleccion Duquesa de Alba. Madrid - Coleccion "Faros", Eduardo Sanz. Madrid - Coleccion "La Caixa". Barcelona. - Fundacion Fran Daurel. Barcelona. - Fundacion BANCAIXA. Valencia. - Coleccion Instituto de Credito Oficial. Madrid. - Coleccion Conselleria d'Obres Publiques (Valencia). - Biblioteca Nacional (Madrid). - Coleccion Banco de Valencia