Plinio Martelli Biography

Turin, Italy, 1945

Established Italian photographer Plinio Martelli's transgressive works are in part visual parodies of classic religious and secular compositions of baroque paintings. The contrast between the light that falls upon his subjects and the dark backgrounds against which they are set brings to mind the chiaroscuro technique employed by the Italian master artists of the 17th century.

Martelli studied at Turin's Academia Albertina and is an experienced teacher of photography.

Selected Exhibitions

1998 - Castello di Rivara, Turin - The Tannery, Londres - En Plein Air Arte Contemporanea, Turin

1999 - Studio Simonis, Paris - Galleria del Cenasco, Turin

2000 - Galeria Gianni Giacobbi, Palma de Mallorca

2001 - 41 Artecontemporanea, Turin


1996 - Galeria Gianni Giacobbi, Palma de Mallorca

1994 - Galleria Christian Stein, Turin

1992 - Galleria "La Stella", Albissola Capo

1991 - Palazzo Lomellini, Carmagnola

1987 - Galleria "La Polena", Genova

1984 - Galleria Weber, Turin

1983 - Galleria Nuages, Milan - Galleria Due Ruote, Vicenza

1982 - Marginalia delle Forme d'Arte, Turin

1981 - Gugu Galerie, Colonia

1980 - Galleria Tommaseo, Trieste - Cappella Underground, Trieste - Galleria Studfidre, Turin - Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Sidney