Paulino natural Ruano Almansa, is a particularly good painter and one of the best artists of Spain, only in the art of the pen, winner of the Prize drawing Penagos, the best competition in the country, in addition to the Visual Arts Award Castilla-La Mancha.

Not only using the pen, watercolor and other techniques also. He has been perfecting the art of the pen over the years with a large base of drawing, has gone from black and white to color. The watercolor also has taken "his spot", so in the works of Pauline Ruano we see a particular mix of pen and watercolor,

Solo 1974 Almansa (Albacete). Murcia 1975. Albacete 1977, Casa de Cultura. 1981 Villarrobledo (Albacete). 1981 Almansa. 1984 Almansa. 1985 Almansa. 1985 Ciudad Real. Albacete 1985, Department of Culture. 1985 La Roda (Albacete). 1985 Yecla (Murcia). 1986 Valencia, Gallery "ARTIS". 1987 Valencia, Galleries "VINCENT". 1988 Almansa. 1990 Madrid, Gallery "Alfama". 1991 Almansa, House of Culture. 1996 Albacete, Albacete Museum. 1998 Almansa, Almansa Casino. 1999 Almansa (Fair), Room TIPI Albacete 2004, Caja Castilla La Mancha. Albacete 2006, Caja Castilla La Mancha. 2010 Albacete Provincial Historic Archive. 2010 Almansa, Teatro Regio Group shows 1980 Albacete, Auction in the "Athenaeum". 1982 Albacete, Albacete II Exhibition Artists. 1984 Albacete, II Youth Art Show. 1985 Albacete, Albacete V Artists Exhibition. 1986 Albacete, III Youth Art Show. 1986 Valencia Room of the English Court. Albacete 1987, Exhibition of Manos Unidas. 1987 Madrid, Room Auction "last". Madrid 1987, "Summer 87" in Gallery "TOISON". 1987 Madrid, Studio "Peironcely". 1987 Albacete, Albacete Artists Exhibition. Madrid 1987, "Christmas 87" in Gallery "TOISON". Madrid 1988, "Summer 88" in Gallery "TOISON". 1989 Madrid, Room Auction "last". 1990 Madrid, VI Appointment with the drawing in Gallery "Alfama". Badajoz 1990, National Arts Exhibition of Savings. Saint Medard en Jalles 1990 (France). 1991 Madrid, Citation VII Gallery in drawing "Alfama". 1991 Zaragoza, II National Arts Exhibition of Savings. Albacete 1991, VIII Exhibition of Artists of Albacete. Albacete 1991, Inauguration "GALLERY-7." 1992 Madrid, VIII Meeting with the drawing in Gallery "Alfama". 1992 Almansa, Great Exhibition Tribute to Poet "Miguel Hernandez". 1993 Madrid, IX Quote with drawing in Gallery "Alfama". 1993 Aragon and Navarra, Selection Exhibition The museum Castle Drawing Larrés Sabiñánigo (Huesca). 1993 Valencia, 1st Exhibition of Drawing Prizes Penagos, Mapfre Foundation Room. 1993 Albacete, Albacete Artists Exhibition. 1994 Almansa, Gallery Opening "Maria Bonita". 1994 Almansa, Inauguration Hotel "CONFORTEL". Madrid 1994, the Artists Market Fair "PAINT" Atocha station. 1995 New York Collective of "Art Nude", "GOYA Art Gallery". Madrid 2000, Appointment with Chase, IFEMA. Saint Medard en Jalles 2010 (France)

Contests 1986 Finalist in the "Prize Drawing PENAGOS" Madrid Mapfre Vida. 1987 1st Prize XXXVI Drawing in Autumn Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts "St. Elizabeth of Hungary" in Seville. 1988 2nd Prize Drawing "Tomelloso City" (Ciudad Real). Winner 1989 "Penagos Drawing Prize 1989, Mapfre Vida de Madrid. Selected in the 1990 National Design Award "Antonio del Rincón" Guadalajara. Special Accésit 1990 the Ministry of Culture of Castile-Leon in the 10th Biennale "City Zamora". 1991 Selected in the XXIX International Drawing Competition in Barcelona, ​​Foundation Ynglada-Guillot. 1991 Selected in the XXI International Competition of Painting, Sculpture and Drawing, "Homage to Rafael Zabaleta" in Quesada (Jaén). Second prize in the 1992 International Competition XXII of Painting, Sculpture and Drawing, "Homage to Rafael Zabaleta" in Quesada (Jaén). 1992 Finalist in the XXX International Drawing Competition in Barcelona, ​​Foundation Ynglada-Guillot. Selected in the 1992 Autumn Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Seville. 1993 Selected in the Prize Drawing "Antonio del Rincón" Guadalajara. 1993 Selected for the Exhibition "Small Format" of the Association of Painters and Sculptors of Spain. Selected in the 1993 National Drawing Contest Valdepeñas. 1996 Winner of the "Award of Plastic Arts of Castilla La Mancha. Award 2000 National Painting Competition Venatoria the Spanish Hunting Federation, in Madrid. 2001 Selected in the First International Biennial of Drawing of San Feliu de Guixols, Gerona. 2001 1st Prize in the II Nal. Watercolor, Caudete 2001 2nd Prize Drawing, Contest III Nal. of the Royal Canine of Spain, Madrid. 2004 Honorable Mention in the contest V Nal. Watercolour Caudete (Albacete). 2005 Award Finalist in Guadalajara drawing.

Works in Museums and Collections Drawing Museum, Castle Larrés in Sabiñánigo (Huesca). Mapfre Foundation in Madrid. Tomelloso Museum. Valladolid, Prado Palace (Regional Government of Castilla-León. Real Dog of Spain, Madrid. Collection of the Savings Bank of Castile-La Mancha. City of Villarrobledo (Albacete). City of Almansa (Albacete). City of Pinoso (Alicante). Ayuntamiento de Ayora (Valencia). City of Caudete (Albacete). Pincelín inn, Almansa. Cultural Office of Albacete. Collection of FC Barcelona. Spanish Hunting Federation, Madrid. Royal House of Spain S.M. Collection d. Juan Carlos I.