Paul César Helleu Artwork Details


Detailed Description

Publisher: Editions Sagot, Paris
Provenance: This was bought many years ago from an heir of Sagot who had it stored in his attic for many years. The seller said that it was given by Sagot to good customers.
Edition Size: Unknown
Condition: Excellent
Note 1: In the late 1890’s Helleu was approached by the print dealer Sagot to make a lithographic poster to advertise his business. The initial work produced showed an attractive female client draped on a chair examining one of Sagots prints on an easle. This was ultimately printed by Chaix, Malhotra II, No. 466. The poster (Jan 1901) III, p.35. Helleu’s lithographs are rare - he was much more famous for his drypoints. It would seem that Sagot made more then just the poster described above but there is, alas, no catalogue raisonee so it is not possible to say exactly what his output was. In 1912 he received the commission to paint the ceiling of New York's Grand Central Terminal, a masterpiece which was recently cleaned and restored to the great pleasure of the commuting public who still pause to look up at his night-time sky en route to their trains. 
Note 2: The artists daughter, Ellen, whose portrait we believe this to be, was born in 1887.

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