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This work comes from an artists book : “Les Joues en Feu” . published in 1925 comprising works by Raymond Radiguet 1917-1921. It was published by the author at 61 rue des Saints-Peres, Paris. Included as a frontispiece was this original transfer lithograph printed in collotype (116 x 100 mms) which is a portrait of Raymond Radiguet date 17/12/1920, on the transfer paper, unsigned. “Edition: From an edition of 1100 copies on Lafuma pur fil wove paper. Printed by: F Paillart, Abbeville (Somme) for the text, typography and collotype. Note: Raymond Radiguet , who was born in 1903, was the child prodigy of the cubist and dadaist avant-garde and a friend of Andre Salmon, Max Jabob, Andre Breton and Jean Cocteau. In 1920 he published his first collection of poems entitled “Les joues en feu”. In 1923 was published his first novel “Le diable au corps” whose penetrating psychological analysis produced a furore. In the autumn of that year Radriguet published a second edition of his poems. The following year he died of typhoid and was buried, at the age of twenty, at Pere Lachaise cemetery. Two years later a book was published in his memory dedicated to Jean Cocteau with a poem by Max Jacob of which this is an example. Size: 116 x 100 mms Reference: Cramer 13 ; Bloch 38

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