Pablo Picasso Artwork Details


Detailed Description

This work is found on the front cover of the book entitled “Dans l’argile de Picasso”  (Inside Picasso’s clay) The brochure, dedicated to Pablo Picasso, was published by the young poet Henri Dante Alberti on the 10th anniversary of Picasso’s arrival in Vallauris. It contains 25 poems, the first 3 of which refer ro Picasso directly (L’Homme au mouton, Mystere Picasso and Ole toro! Ole Picasso!). It also includes an address to the reader. The frontispiece shows a photograph of the 19 year old poet with Vallauris in the background. The linocut in brown for the cover depicts 4 figures playing ball. A representation of the linocut was also printed on a poster. Printed by: Arnera, Vallauris Reference: Patrick Cramer :”Pablo Picasso - The Illustrated Books” number 89 George Bloch: Catalogue de l’oeuvre grave et lithographie 1904 - 1967 - Volume 1 - number 1273 Brigitte Baer :”Picasso Peintre-Graveur” Caatalogue Raisonee de l’oeuvre grave et des monotypes, 1946 - 58, Volume IV - number 1046 Czwicklitzer (Picasso posters) 1981. Edition: 200 unnumbered proofs

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