Nelly Alcira García Biography

Diamante, Argentina, 1943

Argentinean artist Nelly Alcira Garcia had a privileged education, studying fine arts, philosophy and humanities. Throughout her career she has also explored pedagogy and the defence human rights, and has written essays about art. She lives in Rosario, Argentina though she also spends long periods of time in Barcelona and Miami.

She has a very unique way of working with wood; as well as creating traditional wood cut prints she also adds pieces of towel, embroidery or lace borders of baby sheets to the wood. At the same that she evokes the reality of Argentina and the history of her own family she also manifests her concern for the situation of children in impoverished countries.

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS - - ?Pañales y Pañuelos? University of Rosario, Argentina - ?Pañales y Pañuelos? Hungarian Consulate, Rosario, Argentina - ?Pañales y Pañuelos? Ateneo de Estudios de Postgrado Psicoanaliticos de Rosario, Argentina. - ?Arte Galeria Privada? Rosario, Argentina. - ?Arte Galeria y Cia." Rosario, Argentina. - Los 100 para seguir viviendo: NGO Human Rights. Xylographies, Rosario, Argentina.