Matt Rush Biography

Florida, EE.UU., 1972

Recognised American artist, Matt Rush ?s finds his source of inspiration in the aesthetic of the videogames.

MUSEUMS AND COLLECTIONS - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines - The Mills Corporation - Dynamic Media - First Christian Church - The Church on the Way - Jay Camire, Inc. - Display Works - World Emblem

A selected list of her EXHIBITIONS is as follows: - 2003 Artists for The Art of Cinema, Skylark, Miami Beach, Florida - 2002 Smack Your Bit Up, Leonard Tachmes Gallery, North Miami, Florida - Must...Save...Princess, Leonard Tachmes Gallery, North Miami, Florida - 2001 Art Miami, Miami, Florida. Magnet, New York

Summer Tossed Salad, Kevin Bruk Gallery, Miami, Florida - Poser, Leonard Tachmes Gallery, North Miami, Florida - 1996 Museum of New Arts, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

South Beach Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida - XS Best of Gallery, Hollywood Art and Cultural Center, Hollywood, Florida - The Smiling Women, C.S.Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 1995 Kennedy Studios, Coconut Grove, Florida - Matt Rush, C.S.Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 1989 Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, Florida>br> - 1988 Museum of Fine Art, St. Petersburg, Florida