Martina Lasry Biography


Mid-career painter Martina Lasry works as an independent artist creating beautifully enchanting paintings.

Lasry began painting at the age of 12 and took classes with painter Boulard Deve. Lasry received her Baccalaureate in French studies at the School of Decorative Arts, and in 1961 came to Madrid. Her first art exhibition was in 1977. In 1981, Lasry began to work in sculpture and in 1986 exhibited this work.

Lasry is an independent artist whose work can be found in collections in New York, Bergen in Norway, Sydney, Miami, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, and Brussels in addition to several other locations.


2006 -

2000 - Museo Sefardi of Toledo ?The Origin of the Letters?

1998 - Museo Sefardi of Toledo, organized by the Director General of Fine Arts and Cultural Goods - Centro Cultural Isabel of Farnesio in Aranjuez, organizad by the Alcalde of the Real Sitio and Villa of Aranjuez - Centro Bonastruc ça Porta de Gerona, organizad by the ?Patronat Municipal?

1997 - Galeria Alfredo Melgar, Madrid, spain

1995 - Palace of the Marques of Duarte in Tudela, organizad by the department of education and culture of the government of Navarra

1990 - Galeria Cerdan de Talavera de la Reina

1986 - Galeria Kreisler, Madrid, Spain

1985 - Created the monument to Benjamin of Tudela in the plaza San Salvador of Tudela in Navarra

1980 - Galeria Chelsea, Madrid, Spain

1979 - Galerie Difusion of Ginebra

1977 - Galeria Chelsea, Madrid, Spain

MUSEUMS & COLLECTIONS: - Collection of Nac Madrid, Spain - Collection of Artesantander