Manolo Zambrano Biography


An established Spanish artist, Manolo Zambrano works in neo-Pop style. He uses recognizable images and symbols to critique popular culture.

He has a degree in Technical Construction.

Zambrano says his work comes from the ample visual repertoire around us, from publicity, brands, photographs, movies, and comics. All of it is joined by color and composition; sometimes the images are opposing, but work together on the canvas. My work is always attempting to be critical of this consumer society that gobbles us up and alienates us.

Selected Exhibitions - - Todo Es Pop. Sala Exposicones, Segorbe, Spain - Colectiva Primavera. Galñeria Mobo, Valencia, Spain - Fulgor Cafe le Seu, Valencia, Spain - Todo Es Pop. Cafe Mama Ines, Madrid, Spain - Manolo Se Va Al Kibutz. Peluqueria Kibutz, Valencia, Spain - Gula Gula, Madrid, Spain - Todo Es Pop. D-Blanco, Barcelona, Spain - Neo-Pop Art. SEIT Cafe, Barcelona, Spain - Laca y Pintura. Peluqueria la Sede, Valencia, Spain - Magik Cafe, Valencia, Spain - Espacio Domus Aurea, Valencia, Spain

Selected Awards and Prizes - National Prize in Painting. XATIVA, Valencia, Spain - National Prize in Painting. Miguelturra, Ciudad Real, Spain