Lluís Naval i Nadal Biography

Barcelona 1954

Spanish abstract painter Lluís Naval reflects in his work his dialogue with the paint during the creative process, with little more premise than an inicial stroke on the canvas, that provokes a conversation between them, developing variations of ?the melody of the inital base? comparable with the development and improvisation of jazz. His work also has a great simplicity, using only one primary color, red, blue or yellow, combined with black (absence of light) and white (excess of light) that, together, create a rich range of colors. As for the lines, quick and confident, they transmit a great energy and suggest a sensation of brightness and movement that give vitality to the work.

Lluis Naval studied at the Escuela de Artes Aplicadas y Oficios Artisticos de Barcelona. Museums & Collections - Museo Abstracto de Cifuentes. Guadalajara, Spain. - Fundacion de Arte Bennasar. Madrid, Spain.