Linda Sgoluppi Artwork Details


Detailed Description

Like the Tractus Series, Tractus Daydreaming is a series that combines painting and drawing in individual works. Painting was by direct touch from hand to brush/roller to the canvas. Drawing was done remotely with no direct touch. Instead it was done with a remote control toy Ferrari. The toy Ferrari was directed across the four canvases that were contained within a frame. The Ferrari was turned into a drawing device by having a construction attached to it that holds four permanent marker type ink pens. When the remote control car is activated all four pens leave the marks of their journey. Like the first Tractus Series I was interested in creating interruptions in the remotely drawn lines. Also like the Tractus Series, one form of interruption was with partial painting over the sections of continuously drawn lines. Tractus Daydreaming Series had interruptions created by deliberate undulations in the canvas. The remotely drawn lines in ‘Tractus Daydreaming’ are less dense than in ‘Tractus’. However, the Ferrari was put through a series of impacts for both Series. Crashing into the boundary frame the impact from the crashes forced both car and pens to jump. The result of these impacts was the creation of staccato marks along the edges situated near the boundary. As well as the staccato marks; speed, impact, and change of direction, were all mapped by the pen marks.

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