Lina Jolani Biography

Lina Jolani is an artist with international roots. In her ancestors flowed the blood of various nations. And, apparently, this allows her to appeal to different motives in her work, to remain changeable and unpredictable. Educated in Russia, St. Petersburg, she moved to live in Jordan. Lina Joulani's works contain a semantic basis, aimed at improving the human nature, healing of his initial principles, manifestation of peace, harmony, fullness with spiritual meanings, healing of the physical body. The absence of sharp tones and scrappy lines helps to develop a semantic series, full of memories, the desire to improve the situation, make changes, enrich the current moment of being. She is sure that people are tired of hard forms, heavy colors, concrete. People want to recover from work, stress, relationships. We want to find a solution, both temporary and permanent. Sometimes, when a person joins art, he is ennobled, his soul is healed (becomes whole). Therefore, the purpose of art is to save the soul, to save it, and not to bring discord and chaos. Therefore, abstract art must fulfill also at the expense of the theme and color solution this important task that entrusted to the artist by the Creator.

Artist's Statement

Working with paints, mixing them, putting them on the canvas makes it possible to free layers of information, squeezed emotions from the subconscious and gives the result in a bizarre form on the plane that is hidden from the quick glance. Suddenly a very ambiguous and sad picture came out. The method of drawing by paints chosen by me made it possible to obtain on the canvas a very sad image associated with the souls of the people who left, possibly due to an accident and their subsequent finding in another world. I can not act as an expert. Perhaps many observers will see something else. However, everyone who watched the picture saw the same thing.