Lihie Gendler-Talmor Artwork Details


Detailed Description

Through etching, Lihie Talmor reproduces a reality atomized by eternal struggles. This time, a series of photographs taken by the artist along the new border between Israel and Lebanon is the basis of the work. Password is a series of photo-etchings that expose the sensitive imprints left on her since childhood. Having lived among euphemisms that call war zones ‘Security belts’ and ‘Good fences,’ reading signs such as ‘Danger, border ahead,’ in Hebrew, Arabic and English, and “always toying with the possibility of moving past this obstacle, this strong physical presence,” Talmor depicts a humanity confronted with violence and a geography cut through by all kinds of barriers and border posts: military, religious and political.

Etching, aquatint, dry point and soft ground are superimposed harmonically in order to point out real conflicts and their cumbersome, disharmonic juxtapositions. The language of printmaking and the drama of hatred, classical forms and themes, are linked here, but now in the framework of a contemporary vision of art. The artist focuses on differences—those of reality as well as those of the image—which register seemingly irreversible processes.

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