Lihie Gendler-Talmor Biography

Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel. In 1969 received a B.Sc. in Architecture & Urban Planning from the Technion Institute of Technology, Israel. In 1971 received a B.A in Literature from the University of Tel-Aviv. Taught there until 1974. Concurrently, studied painting at the studio of the Israeli painter Pinchas Abramovitch. In 1980, moved to Caracas, Venezuela, enrolled at the Center of Study of Graphic Arts (CEGRA,1981-1983) and studied painting at Walter Margulis’ studio. Since 1984, has worked on art projects, taught and participated in courses and workshops in Italy, Belgium, the United States, Israel, Colombia and Venezuela. Lives in Israel, Venezuela and India. Lihie Talmor creates abstract artwork in the fields of art prints from etchings and photography, as well as metal sculptures.

BOOKS (in collaboration with the Venezuelan poet Edda Armas) 1993 Aguariacuar, The Departure 1995 The Creativity of Evil 1995 Fe de errantes (an illustrated anthology of poetry, co-created with Mexican artist Juan Manuel de la Rosa)

AWARDS (SELECTION) 1993 Special Jury Prize, International Award for Printmaking, Biella, Italy. 1995 Andrés Pérez Mujica Prize (sculpture), Arturo Michelena Salon, Valencia, Venezuela. 1997 Grand Prize (sculpture) Aragua National Art Salon, Maracay, Venezuela. 1998 Honorary Mention, San Juan Biennial of Latin American and Caribbean Prints, San Juan, Puerto Rico. 1998 First Prize, Ibizagrafik ’98 Biennial, Ibiza, Spain. 2000 First Prize, Caracas Printmaking Biennial, Caracas, Venezuela. 2009 Sebastián Garrido Photography Prize, Puerto la Cruz Art Biennial, Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela. 2009 Second Prize, Yozo Hamaguchi 100th Anniversary International Print Competition and Exhibition, Hamaguchi Yozo Museum, Tokyo, Japan.

COLLECTIONS (SELECTION) Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas, Venezuela • National Art Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela • Cisneros Foundation, Caracas, Venezuela • Chacao Foundation, Caracas, Venezuela • IVIC, Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research, Altos de Pipe, Venezuela • Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art, Ibiza, Spain • Institute of Culture, San Juan, Puerto Rico • Wifredo Lam Center, La Habana, Cuba • The Americas House, La Habana, Cuba • The Ney York Public Library, New York, The United States of America • The National Library, Madrid, Spain • National Prints Museum, Mexico City, Mexico • Hamaguchi Yozo Museum, Yamasa Collection, Tokyo, Japan • Sakima Museum, Okinawa, Japan • International print Triennial Society, Krakow, Poland