Lidoska Guietti Biography

Reggio Emilia, Italy, 1972

An emerging Italian artist, Lidoska Guietti works with oil on canvas. Her paintings are bright and playful, and make interesting use of texture, shape, and form.

Guietti began painting in 1991 and received a diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy, in 1997. Since her graduation she has worked as a graphic designer and is currently the Art Director for a marketing agency in Chicago, USA.

She says of her work: ?My painting is a personal experience of intimate dialogue with myself and the world around me. I express myself through the exploration of color, materials and signs and their interaction and relationship to each other. By experimenting with these elements, I allow them to freely take on their own form to reach a unique equilibrium. The end result is a narrative that transmits extraordinary images relating to space, time, history and memories, interpreted through total expressive freedom.?