Leonid Afremov Biography

Vitebsk, Belarus, 1955-

Belarus-born, Israel-based artist, Leonid Afremov is a unique painter, who creates unique personalities, using the palette knife, instead of the brush, to paint.

Born in Marc Chagall's birthplace, Leonid Afremov graduated from Vitebsk Art School, an art school that was founded by Mark Chagal, in 1921.

A selected list of his EXHIBITIONS is as follows:

1977- Students' Anniversary Exhibition, Vitebsk

1990- Exhibition of Soviet Artists' Union, Vitebsk

1989- Exhibition of Judaica-based Paintings, Moscow

1991 - Amaliya Alber Art Gallery, Israel

1992- Exhibition of Judaica-based Paintings, Ramat-Gan Museum, Israel

1994 - Exhibition of Judaica-based Paintings, TeI-Aviv Museum.

1997- Anniversary Exhibition, Ashdod Museum , Israel.

1994- "Lapid" Art Gallery, Ashdod

1995 - "Dilon" Art Gallery, Jaffo

¡ 1998- "Belt Opera" Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1999-- "ofir" Art Gallery, Ramat-Aviv