Larry Friedman Biography

Larry Friedman
Larry Friedman is originally from Chicago, Illinois, and is a graduate of the University of Illinois, with the degree Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Following 22 years of practicing his profession in Sweetwater County, Wyoming, he now devotes full-time to his Freelance Photography business, Wilderness Concepts.

The State of Wyoming commissioned Friedman to produce a fine art traveling show to celebrate the state's centennial. The recipient of many awards, Friedman's work has been used by the Agfa Corporation to promote its photographic products around the world.

Former Governor Sullivan of Wyoming used Friedman's work as gifts to present to foreign dignitaries. His work is part of many private and corporate art collections worldwide.

Artist's Statement

Wilderness Concepts is the photographic concept of Dr. Larry Friedman, a former vetrinarian.

In his own words:

' I began photographing to document back packing and climbing trips in Wind River Range of Wyoming. After spending a few winters reminiscing and viewing the breathtaking images from past trips the joy of photography as an art entered my life.

Capturing the beautiful landscape of Wyoming on Black and White negatives with a large format camera and printing as close as I could come to fine art images became my passion. Many of the same images were also captured on color film in order to keep my files balanced.

Being awarded a fellowship from the Wyoming Arts Council was the stimulus that encouraged me to continue developing my personal vision.

After enjoying the practice of Veterinary medicine and surgery for 22 years, I felt it was time to make a career change and I sold my practice. A full time Freelance Photography business named Wilderness Concepts became a reality.

All aspects of photography interest me and I enjoy them, but the landscape remains my passion. I now work in all formats.

Since developing an interest in macro photography, I have raised the majority of the flowers captured by my cameras and all of the images offered at this site. '

His images can also be ordered in customized sizes and special orders.