Judy Ragagli Biography

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Established American artist Judy Ragagli creates strikingly realistic oil paintings of nostalgic Barbie circa 1959-1971. From these paintings she has produced a series of glicee prints on canvas.

Ragagli studied under Paul Bedard for an intensive five-year period. During this time, she honed her talent for creating stunning and life-like depictions in oil. She poured herself into the craft to create a unique method of handling the paint. Her very first canvas was a portrait of Barbie, a subject that she would later assume as her primary focus.

In order to achieve accurate tonal properties of the flesh-colored plastic, Tagagli employs an arduous process of mixing her own oil colors. Using only seven original color tubes of oils the artist is able to precisely translate the vast and scintillating color properties of Barbie's skin, hair, and wardrobe as they interact with reflective light. The effect of her process and style culminates in a cohesive vision of the beauty and grace of Barbie and the artist's own commentary on the significance of this great American Icon.


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