Josep Maria Subirachs Biography

Barcelona, Spain, 1927.

Apprenticeship in the workshop of the sculptor Enric Casanova lives and works in Belgium in the middle of the fifties.

The work of Subirachs is one of the richest, definitive and most representative of the contemporary Catalan and Spanish art. It is recognised worldwide that his works have marked a step forwards in the modern times of his country. He is the pioneer of Avant Guard sculpture in Catalonia in the second half of the twentieth century.


1948 first exhibition in Barcelona, Spain

1957 Sculpture for the park Jardines Mundet, Barcelona, Spain

1961 Sculpture for the Market Center Award, Dallas, USA

1962 San Miguel Cross, Montserrat/Barcelona, Spain

1972 Sculpture for the Open-Air-Museum, Madrid, Spain

1981 Frieze for the airport of Barajas/Madrid, Spain

1990 Monument for the city of Tarragona, Spain

1990 Museum of Fine Arts, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan


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