Jorge Boccardo Biography

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1957

An established Argentinean artist who now lives in Spain, Jorge Boccardo often mixes sand, cement, or dirt with paint on his canvas. This rough surface serves as the base for his works of undefined places whose gestural lines slowly reveal themselves to the viewer.

Boccardo has illustrated numerous books and magazines, including his own collections of poetry.

He studied at the Univeristy of Architecture and Urban Design in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2006 -

2004 - Buchinger Clinic. Marbella, Spain

2000 - ?Musica de Michael Nyman.? Malasartes, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1999 - British Arts Centre. Buenos Aires, Argentina

1997 - ?Superficies de Vuelo.? Buenos Aires, Argentina

1993 - ?Estanque-Rio.? Centro Cultural Recoleta. Buenos Aires, Argentina - Fundacion Banco Patricios. Buenos Aires, Argentina

1992 - Casa de la Cultura Argentina en Roma. Rome, Italy

1988 - ?Mascaras.? El Taller Bar. Buenos Aires, Argentina - Medio Mundo Variete. Buenos Aires, Argentina


1987 - First Prize, The Clarin Prize. Arquitects? Drawings. Bienal de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires. Cultural Center of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1986 - Special Mention, The ?Croquis, el Paisaje Urbano? Prize. Cultural Center of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Boccardo has also participated in numerous collective exhibitions and projects worldwide.