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Size: Paper size : 502 x 355 mms ; References: Maeght Editeur: “Miro Lithographie III ”, 1964 - 1969 (Catalogue Raisonee) number 516 Edition: On parchment - Our example 6/20 Maeght calls for an edition of 30 on parchment and an additional 50 on Japan. Looking at the later 1971 printing, however (Maeght Volume IV) we see that the other parchment editions were also made in editions of 30 and these were in 2 series, 1/20 and I/X. We assume that this was also done for the earlier suite and the numbering is therefore correct. Note : In 1967 Miro produced 18 colour lithographs to accompany his poem “Le Lezard aux plumes d’or”. Shortly after the printing of the plates the artist and his publisher, Louis Broder, noticed that an error in the manufacturing of the paper has caused certain alterations in the colours, and they, therefore, decided not to accept the printing and to destroy them. Miro proceeded to produce 15 new lithographs which appeared under the same title in 1971. The Maeght Catalogue Raisonee (Volume IV) states that the date of printing of these suites is uncertain. It is rare to obtain Miro Lithographs on parchment and in such a small edition which makes this item especially collectible. Condition: In Extremely good condition. Printed by: Mourlot Imprimeur, Paris, France Published by: Brodeur Editeur, Paris, France

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