Javier Sánchez Sierra Biography

Year and place of birth:  1979 Madrid, Spain

Art Curriculum:

Training in Art: A graduate university degree in art education in higher education in interior design, from the top design school in Madrid. 2005-2009.

Exhibitions: Individual 2013.Exposición. Ulmacarisa art gallery in Madrid. "Imagine a line traces with what you feel" .Noviembre-December.

Collective 2014.Exposición. Ulmacarisa art gallery in Madrid. "Chromatic Dimensions" .Abril.

Cultural individual.Centro 2014.Exposición the Despernada of Villanueva de la Cañada. "Imagine a line traces with what you feel" .Junio

  1. Cultural Exhibition colectiva.Centro Tamara Rojo of Villanueva del Pardillo.Enero-February.

  2. Solo exhibition. Miguel Hernandez Library of Collado Villalba. "Words, colors and feelings ...". January-February.

Coming Soon:

  1. Group exhibition. Manaut Museum of Valencia. March-April.

Individual 2015.Exposición. Volturno cultural center of Pozuelo de Alarcon. "Words, colors and feelings ...." April.