Javier Garrote Biography

Javier Garrote was born in Salamanca, Spain, in 1966.

During his childhood and teenage years, he studied at the Salamanca School of Fine Arts. Here he was a pupil of the professor and internationally know Spanish artist, Zacarias Gonzalez.

He went on to study at the Salamanca School of Applied Arts.

His professional artistic activity began in 1984, developing a great variety of artistic activities, including: Individual exhibitions in Spain, Collective exhibitions in Spain and abroad, competitions, artist meetings and workshops.

Javier was finalist in the XI Premio Blanco y Negro, Spain.

He has also participated in Art Fairs such as: - Crearte, VIII Contemporary Art Fair, Salamanca, Spain. - Arcale, II International Contemporary Art Fair, Castilla-Leon, Spain. - Artesantander, VIII International Contemporary Art Fair, Santander, Spain.

Since 1987, Javier Garrote, has taken an active part in "Marfil", the Salamanca based organization, formed 30 years ago, for artists and intellectuals of varied disciplines.