Jaume Capella Biography

Emerging Spanish photographer Jaume Capella captures a world of contrasts through his lens.

Born in the island of Mallorca in 1965. He studied photography at La Escuela de Artes Aplicadas y Oficios Artisticos de Palma, a top design school.

Mountains, desert, and ocean have been the principle subjects of Capella's art. It is in these places where the sensation of freedom has the most intensity. Like his focus on nature, Capella also works in the surrealist world where anything is possible.

He his currently working as a photographer at Comunicacion Creativa, a publicity agency in Mallorca.

Selected Exhibitions

2003 - Sala d'exposicions Antich Art Deco, Palma, Spain

2002 - Cetre Cultural de Santa Catalina a Palma, Mallorca, Spain

1992 - Capella Vella de s'Arenal, Mallorca, Spain


  • Collaboration for the Calender of Fundacion Alonso Quijano.
  • 1995 Collaboration in the magazine Brisas Nº 425.
  • 1994 Collaboration in Rutas Naturales de las Islas Baleares (El Mundo supplement).
  • 1991 Collaboration in the magazine Foto Profesional Nº 103.
  • 1991 Collaboration in the magazine Foto Profesional Nº 101.
  • 1990 Collaboration in the magazine Foto Profesional Nº 94.< br> - 1988 Collaboration in the book España Herida de Joaquin Araujo (Circulo de Lectores).

Artist Comments

The obsession with conserving a piece of reality, that sometimes exists only in the mind, with recreating it according to the state of our own craziness, is something that we enjoy or suffer from, those whose existence is connected to a machine hanging from the neck. Some of us, prisoners of the laws of photography, want to escape and go further, touch it to provoke feelings and thoughts through paintings and materials, even if only for our own enjoyment.