James Abbott Mc Niel Whistler Artwork Details


Detailed Description

Size: Height 5 7/8” x width 8 7/8”
Condition: In excellent condition
Edition: Unknown size.
Reference: Edward Kennedy (Catalogue Raisonee) 41. Gr 41, W.39, T.40
Note: This is part of a series of the “Sixteen Etchings” entitled “Scenes on the Thames and other subjects”. The total suite was as follows
1) Black - Lion Wharf
2) Wapping Wharf
3) The Forge
4) Old Westminster Bridge
5) Wapping
6) Old Hungerford
7) The Pool
8) The Fiddler
9) The Lime-Burners
10) The Little Pool
11) Eagle Wharf (This present example)
12) Limehouse
13) Thames Warehouses
14) Millbank
15) Early Morning (Battersea)
16) Chelsea Bridge and Church
Throughout his life Whistler was fascinated by the River Thames and much of his work is devoted to studies of this . Probably the most well known scenes are his “Nocturnes” which were the cause of considerable scandal and the famous court case with Ruskin. This present series of etchings is of a less abstract character and earlier date. They show pleasant scenes from Victorian London as viewed by the artist. No doubt the Dock lands area in those days was not an affluent one and boys, such as the one shown, working in the docks did not enjoy much prosperity at this time. It is, nevertheless, a charming illustration of a bygone place in a bygone age.
Published by: Ellis and Green/Thomas Agnew & Sons

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