Inmaculada Cuesta Biography

Jaen, Spain, 1957

A mid-career Spanish artist, Inmaculada Cuesta paints in an abstract expressionist style. She uses strong color and a heavily loaded brush, often allowing the paint to drip and create its own form on the canvas.

She is largely self-taught, though has studied with Jose Barranco, Hortensia Nuñez Ladeveze, Juan Francisco Fernandez, and Emi Takahama.

Cuesta has also been involved in promoting various artistic activities such as concerts, colloquiums, and conferences, through Equipo EME 04, in Madrid.


2007 -

2006 - C.C. Buenavista. Dtto Salamanca. Ayuntamiento de Madrid. Spain.

2005 - Colegio de Arquitectos. Jaen, Spain.

2004 - Libreria Dialogo. Madrid, Spain. - Posada de los Portales. Tomelloso, Spain. - Centro Cultural Alfonso XII. Madrid, Spain.


2006 - Asoc. Empresarios de Santiago de Compostela. Spain. - 2nd Edition of MARBART. Spain.

2005 - 6th Edition of FAIM. Spain.

2004 - Fundacion Felix Granda. Madrid, Spain.

2003 - Centro Cultural Puerta de Toledo. Madrid, Spain.

2002 - Galeria Nela Alberca. Madrid, Spain.