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Detailed Description

Size: 185 x 142 mms (Image size) , Paper size 253 x 323 mms
Reference: Henri Matisse, Catalogue Raisonee de l’oeuvre grave, Claude Duthuit, Vol I, number 698
Note: The paper on which the print is struck is very thick and heavy. Given that this is a trial proof this may not be Velin Daragnes paper - it was not at all uncommon for trial proofs to be made on different papers. There is a printing flaw top left of the image - a small blemish - and some extremely small elements of white showing through where the inking was insufficient (lower left).
Edition: “Essai”
On Velin there were:
3 Trial Proofs - of which ours is one example
6 Artists proofs
25 Numbered proofs
On Chine there were
6 Artists proofs
25 Numbered proofs
Public Collections: Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale
Condition: In Good Condition - flaws noted above

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