Grégory Dreyfus Biography

Grégory Dreyfus is a French Artist, Graphic Designer / AD, who was spending his time between London, Paris, Tokyo and New York.

He is a colorful, multi-faceted individual as an artist, for whom the act of creation is one of the essential elements of the deeper meaning of art.

_ " I keep eyes, ears, nostrils, taste buds - all the tactile senses - fully aware of all the tiny, clever, mutually intelligent things ... That is the possibility of creation looking at life on a daily basis in its simplest form " GD©1995.

With sensitivity and his capacity to see beauty, and through the strength of the passion of creation, Grégory deepens the roads to knowledge. He has a sort of intuitive overflowing of activity and is plunged into and between his professions to encounter and embrace life to the fullest.

After 5 years studying art and design at the famous Academy JULIAN and the School of Arts and Graphic Design - at ' Atelier Met de Penninghen ' (ESDAAI) - in Paris, and after he was apprentice to one of the last greatest alchemists of old oil painting techniques, Grégory worked on his art displayed it in France and abroad when at the same time, all along he worked in the advertising, in music, then in theater, and then in film industry, each time at so many creative levels.

To achieve the long process despite hardships to become that artist he had it to be... , when he was 24 years old, he ultimately decided to work on his own as an actor, writer, stage and film director, nourishing, through them, his paintings, his drawings and his photographs.

He met also some great artists like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Yörg Hermle, Fouli Elia, Roman Cieslevitch, Michel Petrucciani, Gregory Peck, Hou Hsiao-Hsien, Yohji Yamamoto and Claude Sautet who gave him their friendship, expertise, knowledge, confidence in his talents and his energy.

And after a few exhibits in Paris, Berlin, London, New York, Taipei, and with more "avant-garde" in some "Artist Squats" in Paris and Brooklyn, London, and St Barth or Belle Isle en Mer... Grégory redefined a few directions in his figurative and non-figurative but narrative paintings... In building his oeuvre from day one, enriching it, enlarging it, he takes charge to broaden his singular vision.

Of nowadays Grégory Dreyfus is still that visual, colorful and multi task artist, as Painter & Photograph - Drawer & Sculptor - Video Maker & Choreograph - but also known than that great passionate ' Transversal Artist ' as an Actor, Author, Writer, Film Maker and an absolute remarkable, Plastician.

Following to fully develop his main inspiration's subjects of creation like :

Abécédaires - Collections of portraits, lot of them each time displayed together as family's or group portraits. All presented in one piece.

Commotions Portraits - The energy of the eyes, of a mind, of an equilibrium, of a state of mind, of a spirit. Like a human alphabet primer... (old oil and Tempera painting techniques) - ' La saignée du bras ' series. - ' Phallange osseuse ' series. But sometimes ...the difference of commotions between them : psychological pains and suffering about life... or/and violence... injuries, trauma as victim... is tiny tiny blurred sometimes inside. In the very large scale series of portraits - the last one's of ' Commotions ' for example, have been perceived like an absolute disruptive necessity stunned by suffocating overwhelmed as a response to those series of attack from ignorance, heinous, terrorism spread all over the word, from decades and of course suffered in Paris were I am from and was cloth at that time like anywhere anytime as human citizen and globe trotter. - ' Commotions ' series.

The stories of Liliput - A graphic naked human-body character with an eye for a head, who sometimes lives in surrealistic, expressionist, sardonic situations, and at other times, prophetic or erotic ones. - ' Liliput ' series.

Nudes - The lines of beauty or the capture of a joyful and eager temperament... in many different settings... women or men with...
Wall Flowers... Jazz... - ' La danseuse ' Series. - ' Cosmic Nudes ' Series. It is mostly a story of Lines and desire perception in those compositions.

Urban expressionism - Seeing the world in many dimensions, through cities, where meaning and form are all mixed up, where there are dramatic scenes or episodes of people who have been lost in them. The form is a mixture of drawing, collage, and painting

Bicman - Surealistic strong fine drawings with a texture of a ball point pen. - ‘ Bicman ‘ drawings series.

Nonfigurative - These works are an empiric way of working in full energy with the material and in madness or alienation until a satisfaction is found in some attempt at harmony or symbolism. Like - ' Gomina ' or ' Trompette ' series (painting). - ' Trinité ' series (photography). - ' Urban Mastication ' series (photography).

Noar Collection - His Black and white photographic work is quiet strong, contrasted, silvery... He reworks the atmosphere of almost all his images in a painterly way, thus revealing deeper aspects of each subject. Some of them tell stories, either dramatic or melancholic, like a promenade in the perspective of the little things around us and just like stories of the people around us. - ' Noar Collection ' series.

When I take a picture, I capture a kind of invisible moment of existence, disclosed by a slice of life, that makes me see deeper into you. And the people, the others... What better than to be a giver? The time to mitigate... I am looking for you, I cross your path, to your encounter, and I end at a deeper awareness of who you are.

There is also a great part of esthetic design view in his photos trying like in the nudes or the landscapes, to reduce to a maximum the unnecessary scramble things.

Although in paintings and drawings, my work... approaching :

' Figurative Narration ', ' half Pressure Art, half Comics Art (Street Art) ', ‘ Surrealisma ‘ then ' Under Realisma' or ' New Realisma ', when I keep going on the searches of mine in Installations and in Staging and like Scenographier, my pieces... Then there is also 'Lyricism Abstraction' which my narrative also but non figurative pieces are.

GRÉGORY DREYFUS ARTWORKER - Un artiste "Colorful et Multi Task"...

Artist's Statement

I know seeking others, in that type of desire to possess the art thing just have been created for, that one you've just re-known, the one that was fated for you, is quite a strange things to feel in our business, and that it is no decreed about it. I also know that, may be at the moment, discovering artists is so that dainty you'll have to refer it to the market, first or second and little room is made for those whom solicits you directly with no representations. There is a part of a resonance to a part of relevance face to the choices you'll made, proceeding here, and sometimes this is much more simple. All my work is not immune to a 'coup de coeur' from you or from your team experts or an epiphany at the eyes of some collectors, or art lovers that I know you could be. And it feels good to know. Thanking you in advance for, the possibility, that I hope, to put into perspective my work in your professional or great passionate gateways or art lovers places. Always looking for, or finding for what is our art feeling, participe to the must from the greatest things we could do. To all of you, Thank you.